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Position descriptions and finding the talent

Here’s where we decide the essentials that any potential employee will require to fulfil the role.  This is where we invest the time to have a clear understanding of what the business needs of the role.  These considerations shape the Position Description (PD).  It’s always a good idea to take the opportunity to review the PD to ensure it is current and relevant.  If you don’t have a position description in place here’s what you’ll need to include:

-           Overview of the role

-           Duties and responsibilities

-           Relevant qualifications.

-           What prior experience is required

-           Any essential abilities or skills.

-           It’s a good idea to include any personal attributes that are necessary for the role. For example, if you’re looking to fill a customer-service role, you’ll most likely need someone who’s resilient and naturally out-going and confident.

When completed the Position Description gives us the selection criteria.  Taking the time with the PD

Identifying these now will makes the next step so much easier!

We need to consider where you’re going to find your ideal candidate. In some cases, you might be looking to recruit from with the team. Following the recruitment process is just as important for internally filled roles, though you have the distinct advantage of already knowing if that person will be a good fit for the role. Stay tuned for our blog on Succession Planning!

If we’re starting our search outside of the business, we’ll need to consider where we’re likely to find the best candidates. Generally, we start our search with popular specialist websites like SEEK, as well as professional or trade associations, other online platforms like Linkedin or advertisements in appropriate social media forums/ industry journals, and of course your business website.

Depending on the role we may also consider colleges or universities.  Or we can approach suitable candidates from similar industries or competitors. The bonus of working with a specialised HR business like HR Sustain is that we are well versed in the nuances of the best places to advertise.

Then it’s a matter of shortlisting the applicants based on the selection criteria and deciding an appropriate time to interview (either online or in person).

Next month is our last instalment in our recruitment series.  We’ll be taking a deep dive into the Interview stage.  If you would like to get started now get in touch by pressing the green button below!


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