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HR Sustain's STAR Workplace Program takes your business and team to the next level

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How it works?

Unlike other surveys, the STAR Workplace Program measures your satisfaction as an employer, the alignment between your team’s activity with your strategy, the culture of your business, and alignment with the National Standard HR Framework. The survey responses highlight where you need to focus to get the most growth.

We do this with 3 easy steps:

One-to-one discussion with you to understand what drives the business and as the key decision maker, your satisfaction markers.

30-minute anonymous employee survey, measuring satisfaction, alignment, commitment, loyalty and performance.

2-hour presentation of the results with you and your leadership team, including a comprehensive management report benchmarked against over 600 Australasian businesses.

Our STAR Workplace program identifies risks, management issues and opportunities within your business and delivers a practical 12-month plan to address these challenges.

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