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Lou-Ann Gibson, Director

Based on the Mornington Peninsula, I have over twenty years of business and consulting experience within Australia and the UK, including senior management roles.

I have worked across many industries including financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and hospitality and have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • coaching and training,
  • organisational planning and measurement,
  • HR strategy,
  • performance planning and review and
  • workplace improvement initiatives.

Our strength is the value we provide to our clients and their teams.

During my career, I have implemented innovative people solutions and led change processes.  I have seen what works and what doesn’t work.

My passion is providing the tools and working with business owners and managers to create a culture of empowerment and accountability for their teams to embrace and own.  Thus, affecting sustainable change.

As a Member of the Australian Human Resource Institute, I hold a CAHRI membership, as well as being an Accredited DiSC profiler.  And, of course, I’m an Accredited HR Coach and member of the HR Coach Network.


With a consultative approach aimed at building meaningful business relationships and by gaining a sound understanding of your business needs and challenges, I am committed to helping your business find clarity to ensure sustainability and growth.

Being a member of the National HR Coach Network, we are part of a select group of professionals trained in the HR Coaching methodology.

Our trademark approach of linking people activity to business strategy is underpinned by extensive research, undertaken by the HR Coach Research Institute.

To maintain our progressive approach and edge, the HR Coach Research Institute continuously examines data, analyses industry trends and drives best practice specific to the Australian market.


Contributors include; senior business executives, HR leaders, subject matter experts and special interest groups.

Our tools, programmes and solutions enable clients to improve their employer and employee satisfaction ratings, whilst taking their business performance to the next level.

Our network of over 100 professionals Australia wide is supported by a strong partner team.  Working in close collaboration, together we provide sound peace of mind to our clients.


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