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DiSC Profiling – your power tool for creating productive workplace relationships.

As DiSC Behavioural Profiling Practitioners, our Melbourne based experts work with business owners and people leaders to:

  • Understand their behavioural style
  • Identify others’ behavioural style
  • Adapt for more effective communication and productive relationships.

DiSC empowers people leaders to create change in their approach, how they interact with team members and in the workplace environment. The result is a working environment that has less conflict and is more productive. At HR Sustain we love working with the DiSC methodology as we have seen the positive change it brings into the workplaces of our Melbourne clients.

HR Sustain

Boost performance with DiSC Profiling Melbourne

At HR Sustain we use DiSC profiling as a coaching tool for business owners and people leaders to;

  • Better understand themselves and their natural style,
  • Adapt their behaviour in work situations,
  • Create effective leadership teams,
  • Liaise with leadership teams
  • Improve relationships, and
  • Improve sales techniques.

DiSC can help you and your team

There are numerous advantages of undertaking DISC profiling in Melbourne. Here are four benefits to your business.

Build Trust

Leaders who know their employees’ communication preferences are more likely to foster trust within the team

Develop Interpersonal skills

Learn to communicate more effectively with your team members or clients.


Get a deeper understanding of your behavioural tendencies.

Team Synergy

By predicting other people’s natural responses to situations, your team members will have a better awareness of each other’s communication and work style, which will help them build stronger, more effective working relationships

HR Sustain’s Advisory Team is here to assist you!

HR Sustain delivers a complete and unique package of bespoke workshops. They include five key areas:


Workplace Improvements for the entire team

Targeted Management Workshops

Business Growth and Planning

Leadership Coaching

Call our advisors today to learn how DISC Behavioural Profiling can improve your business.


What our client say about us

I would advise any small business owner wanting to grow their company to consider HR as an essential and productive investment. As a Business owner you want to achieve an HR plan that ensures staff are properly managed and supported. Historically in our company we have learned the cost of not managing HR properly. Those old experiences brought disruption to business and created unhappy staff., with consequent loss of staff focus and company profitability. The solution is an engaged and professional HR specialist to ensure a proactive approach to HR and to provide an objective and impartial third part to deal with situations before they become issues. Lou-Ann's extensive experience in HR provides us with that. In addition as a small business owner herself she understands the drivers of small business and 'bottom line". Lou-Ann keeps us focused on running the business while ensuring our staff are happy and engaged. With that we grow and become more profitable.

James Balmer


BMG Labtech

We have been using the service of Lou-Ann from HRSustain for the past 12 months developing our strategic Human Resource plan for the business. Lou-Ann has given our business a clear direction and defined a pathway for growth and her service have always been professional and well accepted by all. In addition to assisting the bussiness with clear and strategic approach she has also facilitated and Everything Disc Management program which has identified and managed staff characteristics and management styles to assist us with development at the top end. HR Sustain is a business that all business can benefit from and with Lou-Ann at the helm you can be assured that you will get results.

Michael Dunne

Managing Director

iDetect Group

Lou-Ann Gibson is the epitome of professional. Her wealth of HR knowledge and experience ensures that all SME's who engage her services are provided with a huge level of support and comfort knowing she's got their back. Her knowledge and sound advice provides business owners with practical solutions to issues that arise in the day to day running of a business and managing staff. An essential service that every small to medium size business should have!!

Chrissy Walsh


Walsh Conveyancing

HR Sustain

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