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At HR Sustain we work with businesses to ensure their operational activity is aligned with their strategic plan and goals, to ultimately improve the performance and profitability of the business.

We do this through a structured HR approach.

Working with you and your business, we can:

  • Take the headache out of managing your employees
  • Provide you with peace of mind
  • Increase the productivity of your team and business performance
  • Develop strategies to retain your team members and top talent
  • Tailor innovative solutions for your specific needs

Our structured approach has your HR solutions aligned to the National Human Resources Framework.

The framework consists of five linked stages designed to minimise risk and maximise sustainability.

Organisational measurement and planning

Benchmarking against other Australian businesses – how do you stack up? 

A propriety tool, the STAR Workplace Program will benchmark your business against; other Australian businesses, the Strategic Action model and the National HR Framework.

The program measures both employee and employer engagement, current strategies and actions, and team performance results.  The results are unique to you, your team and business.  Businesses achieving high ratings are recognised as STAR Workplaces.


If you don’t measure it,
you can’t manage it!

HR Sustain can help you address areas of shortfall to gain a STAR workplace status, through assessing your results and creating an action plan with you for the next 6 or 12 months.

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HR systems and processes

HR Staff Manager – an uncomplicated HR System for your business.

Managing a business is no easy undertaking but managing your employees can be!  This is a key differential between high performing businesses and those that struggle.

HR Staff Manager is affordable web-based Human Resources Information System.  With important information securely held, key date prompts and customisable templates the system takes the worry out of people management.


You’ll never miss a step as wizards and flowcharts guide you through key HR processes.

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Governance and Compliance

Reducing the cost and worry -  stay up to date with all your legal obligations.

With in-depth auditing tools for your policies, procedures, documentation and processes - we’ve got you covered.  Our understanding backed by partner experts, will identify and address gaps in compliance.

Performance Management

Building the capability of your team with our patented profiling tools.

Working to increase business performance through people performance is one of our core goals.

Our toolkit includes; workshops, behavioural profiling, coaching and facilitated performance reviews.

Our Everything DiSC suite of tools helps us, help you and your team gain a better understanding of self, peers, teams and stakeholders.


Career Monitor is an exclusive process used by HR Coach members to interview current employees about their perception of the business and themselves.

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Workplace Improvement

Guiding you and your team to improvement and innovation for your business.

Engaging your team begins with asking them to partner with you in workplace initiatives.  This is where and how real workplace improvement begins and remains effective.

Our range of workshops are designed for you and your team to commence and establish successful workplace improvements.

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